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How to Write Better Instagram Captions

Our step-by-step, no nonsense guide on how to write more engaging, interesting, and well-written Instagram captions that will set your brand apart.

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If you are looking to become a top influencer on Instagram, you need to make sure that you have the right content. That means eye-catching photos, accurate hashtags, and proper engagement with your audience. However, there is one factor that most people overlook which keeps their Instagram account stuck in neutral - killer captions.

Can you relate to this?

  • Feeling like you’re not getting the engagement you want on Instagram?

  • Feeling like you spend SO much time writing captions and not getting anything out of them?

  • Want to increase your sales through your Instagram but don’t know how to capture your audience?

  • Having trouble trying to figure out your CTA when it comes to your Instagram captions?

If any of these statements above resonate with you, you are in the right place.

With this FREE course on how to create engaging Instagram captions and improve your brand voice and strategy, you’ll see increased engagement and reach on your Instagram, create MORE content quicker, and gain more followers without breaking a sweat. 

Here, we will take a look at how you can write captions that will allow you to get more likes, comments, and overall effective engagement. 

What Are Instagram Captions? 

Before you find the right hashtag for your post, you will need to create the right captions for Instagram. If you have been on Instagram for more than a few days, then you will notice that all posts will include several elements: the image, the hashtags, the caption, and the comments. 

Think of the caption as the words that connect the image to the reader. Sure, the image may say a thousand words. However, it’s the caption that will allow you a one-to-one communication pathway between you and the audience. 

About this course:

This introductory course is a great place to start if you’re looking to write better and more engaging captions that you’re not spending hours and hours on crafting. 

The course features 4 core modules: Strategy, Writing, Voice, and Workflow. Each section will give you all the knowledge you need to create interesting and engaging captions that will capture the attention of your audience and help bring in new followers to your page. 

Plus, at the end of the course, you have access to our FREE 30 days of captions to help you get started on creating engaging captions for your profile!

To help you understand the value of this FREE course, we want to give you a “sneak peak” of the incredible value that we offer. Following these simple steps can help turn your Instagram into an effective marketing engine. 

The 8 Steps to Write Effective Instagram Captions

Writing the right captions for Instagram is important. Here is a look at eight ways to write effective captions based on the success of tens of thousands of Instagram posts that we have studied:

1). Write an Eye-Catching First Sentence 

On Instagram, you have to keep it short and sweet. That means that a post should be three or four sentences at the most.

The first sentence is your hook. You have to say something direct and interesting right off the bat. Make sure that they will continue reading after the first line. 

2). Always Ask for Something From The Audience 

Since you want engagement from your audience, you will need to ask your audience to do something. That can include anything from adding a comment to clicking the link in the bio. So, how do you do that?

There are several tactics. First, you can ask a question. From there, ask the audience to answer the question in the comments. Second, you can ask your audience for recommendations or ask for expected ideas. Third, you can ask your audience to tag a friend who may be interested in your content. 

Here is what you can ask your audience to do:

  • Click your link in the bio

  • Leave a comment. This can be an answer to a question that you ask. 

  • Tag a friend

  • Post a photo using your branded hashtag

3). Add Value to the Audience 

An audience will always come back if you give them something. This is known as adding value. For instance, you can offer your audience “tips and tricks.” This is especially smart if you are trying to establish yourself as an authority on a subject. 

If you are not an expert, you can simply share wisdom from something that you have experienced. The key here is to give your audience something as a reward for reading your post. 

4). Write Like a Human 

People are most likely to engage with you if your caption sounds like a person talking than a person typing. Be sure to use natural language. Be sure to read your caption out loud before you post to see if you are writing the way a person would talk.  

5). Write Your Caption Away from the Instagram Platform 

Most people only spend a few seconds writing their captions for Instagram on their posts. That’s usually because they are typing directly on the platform and they feel the pressure to write something immediately.

Instead, try writing your caption off the platform and give yourself time to craft your words. This can help you write more effective and natural-sounding captions. The best captions for Instagram should flow naturally from you. 

6). Be Descriptive 

Don’t just tell people what you are experiencing, use detail. For instance, don’t say, “I ate a delicious cheeseburger today.” Say, “I enjoyed a thick, juicy, cheeseburger bursting with bacon, mayo, and ketchup.”  If people can really “see” your words, then they will be more likely to engage with your post. The bottom line? The best captions for Instagram are visual. 

7). Add Emojis for Eye-Catching Engagement 

Emojis may seem a little silly at first. However, they are really effective at catching the eye. Be sure to use the, strategically in your post. Let’s take a look at two posts - one without emojis and one with emojis.

Enjoyed a fun walk in the Santa Monica mountains. Clear, crisp day and lots of fresh-smelling flowers along the path. Where’s your favorite place to hike? 

Enjoyed a fun walk in the Santa Monica mountains. ⛰️ Clear, crisp day and lots of fresh-smelling flowers along the path.  🌺 🎯 Where’s your favorite place to hike? 💥✨

These short Instagram captions say exactly the same thing. However, the one with emojis is more likely to be noticed. 

8). Keep Things Short And Sweet 

People are not big “readers” on Instagram. Most of the time, people are browsing through posts at a high speed. Therefore, you don’t want to write big blocks of copy as your caption. Try to limit yourself to under 50 words. Short Instagram captions are always better than long Instagram captions. 

Who is This Caption Course for?


If you would call yourself an influencer (or even an aspiring influencer), this Caption Course is ideal for you as it targets small bloggers who want to grow their audience and eventually monetize their audience through sponsored content and affiliate links. If you dream of turning your hobby Instagram into a side hustle or your full-time job, this course is made for you! 

Businesses that sell to consumers 

If you want to get your product or service in front of a brand new audience who is already interested in your niche, get on board! 

People who love to learn 

If you love learning about new things and discovering new ways to succeed, you will thrive on this course. 

People with busy schedules

Finally, if you feel too busy to squeeze in a long course but still want to achieve results, this course is perfect at just 1.5 hours long. It is also broken down into easy-to-digest sections so you can drop in and out of the course when you have 15 minutes spare. 

Who is This Caption Course Not for?

People who want overnight success

If you are hoping for an overnight explosion in your reach and 1 million followers by next month, think again. This course will not bring you success in a day or even a week, but if you stick to it and practice writing your captions each day, you can achieve a significant increase in your following over time. 

Anyone with a personal Instagram who isn’t looking to monetize their audience

If you just use Instagram to share random photos of your life, your friends, and your dog, you probably don’t need this course to fulfill the Instagram you desire. 

People who aren’t prepared to do the work and follow the assignments

This course requires you to do small assignments to get the most out of it, so you need to dedicate some time and energy to seeing these through to reap the full rewards. 

What Are the Benefits Of Writing Effective Instagram Captions?

When you write effective captions, you will be able to gain more engagement from your audience Engagement can come in the form of the following actions:

  • Follows - This is the most valuable form of engagement. This is when someone follows your account and will be able to see all of your posts. 

  • Comments - This is when someone adds their input to the post. 

  • Likes - A passive form of engagement. Someone can press or tap the heart on your post and let you know that they like your post. 

  • Purchase - Someone clicks the link in the description on your Instagram page and buys an item. 

  • Sign-up - Someone clicks the link in the description and signs up for your email or newsletter.

  • Click-through - Someone clicks on the link in your description and goes to the desired destination such as a Youtube channel, Spotify song, or a paid site. 

When you combine a well-written caption with effective hashtags, you will be able to increase your discovery and engagement. This will lead to a consistently growing Instagram account that will make you a more effective influencer.

What You’ll Need to Get Started on this Free Instagram Caption Course 

The great news is that you don’t need much to get going with this course - not even a signup fee! 

All you need is a can-do attitude, your phone, an active Instagram account, and maybe a pen and paper or a laptop to take your own notes and make the most of the free course. 

Of course, a Flick subscription helps you schedule out your Instagram posts so you can plan your feed with ease so we do recommend you at least sign up for our 7-day free trial to get you started. You can also access important blog posts about captions and how to increase your engagement through Flick's learning course.

Course Outline

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What is a good Instagram caption? What makes a good caption? Why does writing a caption take so freaking long? And why in the world do Instagram captions matter so much?

30 minutes


Our proven tricks and formula to get your followers to stop their scroll and actively engage with your IG post.

45 minutes


Learn how finding your brand voice and establishing your tone will help you create better captions that resonate with your audience.

30 minutes


When it comes to your social media presence, you need to establish a brand voice! Learn how to create your own brand voice and get the engagement you want with your captions by implementing your brand voice.

30 minutes


We go through how to get a steady workflow when it comes to your Instagram content. Get into a habit of writing, discover tools that will save you time, and more!

25 minutes

30-Day Caption Challenge

We created a 30-Day challenge to help you get started by posting consistently and crafting your voice and skills throughout the month.

1 minute

6 Modules

5 Videos

5 Assignments

Suitable for all Skill Levels

2 hours

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