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What is Hashtags?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound sign (#) used to categorize information and make it easily searchable for users. Hashtags help social media platforms know exactly what your content is about which then helps the platform suggest that content to people who are interested in it.

How to use hashtags

If you want to search for content within a particular theme or niche on social media, you can search via a hashtag such as #londonrestaurants. If you have a brand or business, using hashtags will help your content get seen and become more visible to those searching.

You can hashtag any word or phrase of your choice on social media just be sure to enter the pound key first and have no spaces in the word for example #hashtagtips.

Hashtag examples

  • Topic/niche-specific hashtags – these refer to a specific subject or niche (#travel)

  • Audience-specific hashtags – these pinpoint specific types of people (#fashionlover)

  • Product-specific hashtags – these refer to a specific product (#guccibag)

  • Location-based hashtags – these utilize locations or areas (#londonpersonaltrainer)

  • Community hashtags – these are created to help users that are connected in some way (#flickfam)

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What does it mean to rank on a hashtag?

Ranking on a hashtag means that you appear in the top section of the most popular posts in that hashtag, and so your content is seen by people who search it or is suggested by the social media platform to users who are interested in topics similar to that hashtag.

Tips to rank on a hashtag

To rank on a hashtag, your content has to match up to other top-performing content within that hashtag. It should have a similar engagement rate to the top-performing posts (in terms of likes and comments) should have a similar momentum in terms of engagements when first posted, and your account should usually be of a similar size to the top performers that already exist in that hashtag.

Why is it important to use hashtags?

On most social media platforms, the AI is configured to search hashtags to categorize what your content is about. So making good use of hashtags is an important part of putting together your marketing strategy. Because if you want to show up in search results for new and future followers, you need to use the right hashtags for your content.

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