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YouTube Shorts

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a short-form, vertical videos on YouTube using your smartphone and uploaded straight to YouTube from its app. At the moment, you can’t upload YouTube Shorts from desktop. With YouTube Shorts, you can comment, share, like, dislike, or subscribe to the channel.

How long are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are 60 seconds or less. The Shorts can be a 60-second video or a few 15-second videos.

If your Short has music from the YouTube catalog, it will be shortened to 15 seconds only so you don’t face any copyright infringement.

Anything that’s 60 seconds or less on YouTube, YouTube will automatically categorize the content as a Short.

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How to make and upload YouTube Shorts

To create YouTube Shorts, you’ll need to download the app. You can only make Shorts natively in the YouTube app. If you’re wanting to create your own Shorts, here’s how to do just that:

  1. Login to your YouTube app and click the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click “Create a Short” from the pop-up screen.

  3. Record your video

  4. Add any special effects to the video, including slowing down or speeding up the video, adding filters, or retouching the video.

  5. If you want to add music or a sound to your YouTube Short, tap the sound icon at the top of the screen. You can also add a track before you start recording your Short.

  6. Need to re-record? Click the reverse arrow next to the record button.

  7. Save and upload your Short.

Can I earn money on YouTube Shorts?

Yes! Starting in 2023, YouTube will be allowing creators in its YouTube Partner Program to be able to monetize their Shorts videos. Each creator will be able to make money from ads that run in the videos of the Shorts feed.

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